POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD, downloadable @ CD BABY

                                                        GOING HOME (the RUE BARBS), downloadable @ CD BABY

                                                        BETWEEN THE LINES, downloadable @ CD BABY

                                                        LETTERS FROM THE DESERT, downloadable @ CD BABY

                                                        LIVE AT EL MESON, downloadable;@ CD BABY

                                                        IF I COULD SING YOUR BLUES, downloadable @ CD BABY

                                                        THE BARB WIRES, 'ROUGH CUTS', downloadable @  CDBABY      

                                                        I'LL CALL YOU, downloadable @ CD BABY      

                                                        DANCING IN THE CHURCH, downloadableCD BABY


                                                                (ALBUMS IN THE WINGS)

                                                        YOUR LOVE IS EVERYTHING                                                       

                                                        SOME THANGS


For these and other CD's of mine can be purchased (as in real, in your hands, physical CD's) by contacting, or show up at a gig.

Thanks for the support and the listen, peace and music, JT