2) A Man from Your Side of Town

Written & performed by Jim Almand


A mid-tempo, two-stepping, just met, call out. Off the 'I'll Call You' CD


V1) I see you're wearing your new party dress. You say you're going to paint this town. Well I know he left your tenderness. He went running for higher ground. --- C1) I know he took from you what you needed most. And I know your heart needs time on it's own. But when you're ready to fall in love again? Well I'm a man from your side of town. --- V2) And now you're dancing up and down the floor, but that won't stop the tears from falling down. I understand, 'cause I have been there before, I felt the pain of love's home burning down. --- C2) I know you need someone to hold you tight and keep you warm. 'Cause nights get cold, when love is not around. But love is here, right here, inside these two arms, 'cause I'm a man from your side of town. --- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1985) --- Download @ CD Baby