3) The Love That Lives Here in Me

Written & performed by Jim Almand


A mid-tempo, gypsy-esque/americana, call out. Off the 'I'll Call You' CD


V1) I follow you like a moth to the flame, hoping someday that you might see, if there's one thing in life that's all your's to claim, it's the love that lives here in me. --- V2) So I crossed the ocean to lie by your side, and discover the dream that you dream. Is it money, is it crime, or some other guy, or the love that lives here in me. --- C1) You can search the horizon, and you'll never find another love like mine. --- V3) If you here the wind give a long lonesome sigh, it's the love that lives here in me. --- V4) So I wait and I hope for the sound of your voice. It owns those that will set me free. It's strange I know, but I've no other choice. It's the love that lives here in me. --- C2) Read the lines on your hand, and you'll understand that this was meant to be. --- V5) If you wake up in the night, and hear me singing in my dreams? It's the love that live here in me. --- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 2004) --- Download @ CD Baby