4) Without You

Performed by Jim Almand & Randy Clark
Written by Jim Almand


A C&W two stepping love song off the 'Power of the Spoken Word' CD 


V1) I look into your eyes, and I see the fear, that if when morning rises, will I still be here? Well it's alright, 'cause I ain't going anywhere without you. --- V2) As we drive down this road following the lights, if there's one thing I know, it's that you and I were never meant to be alone. And I could not write this song without you. --- C) All we have is time, and this love in our hearts. And I can gaze out into the night, by I could never touch the stars without you. --- V3) We're just children learning how to play. And if I could ask God one question, I know what God would say. "Love is the only truth". And I would be lost and blue, without you. --- C2) I can get the gold, and I can win this town. But I would never know what it was that I had found, without you. ----- (Two Acres and a song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1999) ----- Download @ CD Baby