5) For The Longest Time

Written and performed by Jim Almand


An up/mid-tempo, solo, Americana/folk call out. Off the 'Power Of the Spoken Word' CD


V1) For the longest time, I have longed to say, all the words inside my heart that I've kept locked away. I picked the pockets of my soul, swept the corners of my mind, hoping I might find the key that would set my heart free. But it wasn't there inside of me. --- V2) For the longest time, I told myself lies. Like to unlock my heart was to be unwise. Lovers gave tears that they couldn't afford to lose. And when I was asked to choose, I just couldn't find the words. So I'd walk away from love unheard. --- C) For the longest time. --- V3)For the longest time, I passed my life around. And sometimes I'd turn the volume down, with a drink or two. And I'd reach out for the bottle, but it would never reach back. The only hope that I had, was to find those words, inside my heart unheard. --- V4) For the longest time, I have watched you now, hoping you were the one, and knowing somehow. You've swept the shadows from my heart, with the light of your soul. Love is closer than I know, it's already here. And the words flow easily whenever you are near. And I'll always want you here, for the longest time. --- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1994) --- Download @ CD Baby