1) Take It from Me

Performed by Jim Almand, Scott Sweezy, and Randy Clark
Written by Jim Almand


A 'pop-rock' callout off the 'Between The Lines' CD


V1) Late last night, I heard you crying in your sleep. You were worried about some torment in your dream. I wanted to reach out to you, wake you up, and hold you close to me. Take it from me. --- V2) There ain't no call for you to keep it locked inside. Because all that will do is lock up your mind. If you've got pain, don't suffer on your own. Ah lover, set yourself free, and take it from me. --- C1) I'm waiting here, 'cause I been there. I've cried my tears alone, and baby, well it drove me crazy. Take it from me. --- V3) If love was for free, then everybody would be in love. But take it from me, being alone just ain't enough. 'Cause hearts get lonely, when they need their soulmate to make 'em complete. Take it from me. --- C2) Come take my hand. I'll be your friend. Just understand, a heart has no voice to guide it, till you let love inside it. So take it from me. ----- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1996) ----- Download @ CD Baby