2) You Were the One

Written & performed by Jim Almand


A 'delta-esque' lament about loves missed moments off the 'If I Could Sing Your Blues' CD


V1) Oh the sky was a full moon's prize. And your smile brought the color to your eyes. And you knew, like I knew, that before the night was through, you'd be in my arms. --- V2) Oh our days were a song in my heart. (Lord, they'd sing to me) And our nights were the warmth of our touch. (Your body would cling to me) And as our time rambled on, and changed with the season, we were one. --- C) And sweet desire was like the taste of honey on my tongue. And our passion fire kept my longing heart warm. But then as quickly as our love had begun, you were gone. --- V3) Oh you said you'd changed your mind. (You needed to be alone) So I said, "Go I will be fine. (I'll just keep writing songs.") But now it's late, and I'm blue, and I realize that you, you were the one. ----- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1976) ----- Download @ CD Baby