3) Do What You Said You Would

Written & Performed by Jim Almand


A mied/up-tempo 'Gospel-esque' boogie callout. Off the 'If I Could Sing Your Blues' CD



V1) You know baby, I'd surely die, if I ever found out that your love was a lie. I mean what I say. Don't you ever go away. Do me good. Do what you said you would. --- V2) When your world comes tumbling down, you know love is gonna be the thing that matters, the only thing that counts. Maybe that sounds cliché, but love is never ever gonna be passé, as long you do what you should, if ya do, do what you said you would. --- C) You and me, are bound for eternity. I've given it all up for your love. Do what you said you would. --- V3) You know love can be such a sweet blindness, that can leave you stumbling aimlessly shameless, unless, you find someone who's light is true. Someone who's gonna love ya like love you. Am I making myself understood? I want ya to do, do what you said you would. ----- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1995) ----- Download @ CD Baby