4) Footsteps

Performed by Jim Almand, Mark Clark, and Randy Clark
Written by Jim Almand


A six/eight jazz skip off the 'If I Could Sing Your Blues' CD


V1) Footsteps at midnight, passing by, echo off the street light into my mind like restless thoughts. --- V2) Keeping the beat of a hopeful heart. Something ends so something else can start, as I round the corner, and step across. --- C) Nothing else matters, just these moments of passion. Love is the water that washes us clean. Let love wash you clean. --- V3) Moving to silence the doubt of one more moment, one more precious moment, about to be lived, and loved, and lost. --- V4) So here I am, I'm knocking on your door. Let me in. I've come walking to see who you are. Let our hearts say what words cannot. --- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1996 ) ----- Download @ CD Baby