5) Good Street

Performed by the Rue Barbs
Written by Jim Almand


A walking blues stroll about love found and then lost. Off the 'Going home' CD


C) I'm walking down Good Street, just as blue as I can be. (repeat) People let me tell ya what that woman done done to me. --- V1) Well I was walking down the avenue one sunny day, when I looked up in time to see this angel looking back my way. Ah-oo-oo! My knees grew weak, as she stepped up to me, and said, "Hey boy, let's take a stroll down Good Street." So we did. --- V2) Well we went home, made love all that day, all that night, all that week, all through the month of May. Ah-oo-oo! Them flowers sure smelled sweet, while outside my window passed the sights and sounds of life on Good Street. --- V3) I really loved that girl, and I thought she loved me too. Till that fateful day I was walking down the avenue. Ah-oo-oo! There was my baby in the back seat of some big ol' long, black, shiny limousine. And the last thing I saw of that girl were the tail lights of that car as they were driving away down Good Street. --- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1998) --- Download @ CD Baby