6) Oh What a Time to Cry

Performed by Jim Almand, Jeff Barr, and Brian Lewis
Written by Jim Almand


Jazzy blues 'Between The Lines' CD


V1) Sun is up, birds are singing in the trees, as a soft sweet breeze passes by. But I can't help myself from thinking how it used to be. Oh, what a time to cry. --- C1) People passing by, ask me how I'm doing. And I say, "I'm doing fine." But deep inside, I know my heart's been ruined, ever since we said goodbye. --- V2) Children smile, as they go dancing by. Oh, what a time to cry. --- C2) Everywhere I look, I see people arm in arm, with love in their eyes. But I can't stop my tears from falling down, no matter how hard I try. --- V3) Spring is here, and love is on the rise. Oh, what a time to cry. --- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI. copyright 1997) --- Download @ CD Baby