1) Desiree

Performed by Jim Almand, Scott Sweezy, and Randy Clark
Written by Jim Almand


Two step groove that was inspired by some time I spent up in Montana.


V1) Desiree, she lives in the city, where life's so hard and lonely that all you ever feel is tired. Up in her room, she takes your money for an hour or so of desperate desire. Out on the streets at night, with her skirts worn high and free, she says she'll treat you right, or she'll treat you as you please. But once alone, she cries her heart for the home she left to start out on her own. But she can never return. --- V2) Well Desiree, came from a west Montana town, where the mountains are high, and the snow never leaves the ground. And everybody knows who you are, and what you do with the boys in their cars when the sun goes down. But Desiree kept the dreams in her eyes to the Montana sky. And when the boys lined up for her heart, well she passed them by. Until the day a handsome stranger passed her way, and said, "Come with me Desiree, but you can never return". --- V3) Well Desiree, she came to the city with her hopes as high as summer snow cap on a Montana mountain. But the city's pretty hard, if you don't hold the cards, and whether you know it or not, brother you're walking. Out on the streets at night, with your dreams worn high and free. They say they'll treat you right, but they treat you as they please. And once alone, you cry your heart out for the home you left to start out on your own. But you can never return. --- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1985) --- Download @ CD Baby