2) The Way of the World

Performed by Jim Almand
Music by Jim Almand --- Lyrics by Jim Almand & Steve Black


A mid-tempo jazzy/walking/blues, and a late night write of passage and friendship between Steve Black and I. Off the 'Dancing In The Church' CD 


V1) We sat down in the morning light, after drinking all night long. And through the fog of conversation, a ray of truth began to dawn. You said, "Life is like a movie. We're all acting out a script." So I said, "Pass me the popcorn, I wanna see how it ends." --- V2) Well we talked about the good times, and the things that made us laugh, and the lovers that we'd left behind, and the ones that made us sad. I was there when they ended. You were there when they began. And there were years when I was crazy, but I knew you'd understand. --- C) The way of the world, can spin your life around. And the winds of change can knock a good man down. When they want more than you've got, well I'll give you my word. I'll be there for you my old friend. That's the way of the world. --- V3) Well the bottles almost empty, and the cigarettes are gone. And the street lights are going out. And the musicians going home. There's too many problems, and not enough old friends. So take care of the world, until we meet again. ----- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 2002) ----- Download @ CD Baby