3) Lilly And The Bone

Written & performed by Jim Almand


A road side love story off the 'Power of the Spoken Word' CD


V1) On a long stretch of road to a short order town, stood Bone with his guitar trying ta strum one down. Searching the windshields for a friendly face, and wondering how he'd ever fill up his life with all this empty space.. --- V2) Lilly worked the counter at the 'Truck Stop Cafe', serving up coffee and bacon and eggs, and letting her life slip away into the TV screen, but holding back just enough to hold on to her dream. --- C) Ah, but oh, you hang your dreams upon a star? Well stars fall down like tears across a broken heart. --- V3) Well there ain't no hurry, when there's no-where to go, so Lilly took her orders with eyes on the 'soaps'. As the world was turning around the days of her life, she kept longing and yearning each one into lonely night. --- V4) Well then came the day when ol' Bone walked through the door, looking like no-one Lilly had ever seen before. And he sat down at the counter to order up a meal, looked up into Lilly's eyes, and time stood still. --- V5) Well later that night, they went out on a date. And Lilly called the truck stop and quit the next day. Last I recall, they'd gone south to Mexico. I guess the star was worth the fall for Lilly and the Bone. ----- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1996) ----- Download @ CD Baby