5) God I Wish You'd Stayed

Written & Performed by Jim Almand


An homage to the friends and family who have chosen to leave us behind. Off the 'Letters From the Desert' CD 


V1) Got your letter today, said you'd took to the skies. Said you had to go away, and you couldn't bare to see it in my eyes. And there was no way out but out of here. And, without a doubt, you'd run out if tears. And all of your dues had been paid. God I wish you'd stayed. --- V2) Well I'll be alright, nothing heals like time. There'll be songs to write, and there'll be words to rhyme. But there'll also be those moments when I'm alone, and I'll realize that you are gone. So many promises we never made. God I wish you'd stayed. -- V3) Every story must end, but not my love for you. And every road must bend, in our search for the truth. But if I had my wish, you'd still be here. But when you needed me most,  I wasn't there. And you chose to go through that doorway. God I wish you'd stayed. --- And when it's all said and done, we'll meet again, I don't know where,and I don't know when. But wherever you are, I pray, that you're not afraid. Oh god, I wish you'd stayed. (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 2002) --- Download @ CD Baby