6) Trysting Tree

Performed by Jim Almand, Sara K, and Kieth Nelson.
Written by Jim Almand


An up-tempo, pentacostic, hill-billy, blues tune. Off the 'I'll Call You' CD


V1) There's a story on the mountain, so the old folks say, that the tall pines whisper in the Spring, about a wonderin'  man and a mountain maid, and the trysting tree where they're laying. --- V2) He came out of the city, with a world full of pride, and a heart that no-one had ever known. Then he saw her on her mountain, and his whole body cried.  Fore he had to have her love for his own. --- C1) He said, " Come to me baby in the middle of the night.  I'll wait for you. I can take ya from this mountain and give you a life that's made for two. There's a world out there, and I know that's where I'll make it through. As long as I, I have you." --- V3) Well she'd lived on the mountain every day of her life. And her soul flew with the birds in the trees. But she likes the songs he sang, and the color of his eyes, as they sat beneath their trysting tree. --- V4) But his pride was stoned, and her poor heart moaned, when she said that she could never go away. Then she begged him to leave, for he was born to roam, and their love would only wither if he stayed. --- C2) Still he cried, "Come to me ...... and I know that's where I'll make it true. As long as you, you love me too." --- V5) Well she found him in the morning, by their trysting tree, lying in the flowers still as night. He had waited for her, even though she'd begged him to leave, and the cold wind took away his life. --- V6) Now you can hear her softly singing 'cross the mountain breeze, just as faint as that first breath of Spring, as she carries him wild flowers to their trysting tree. It's a sad love story that she sings. --- C3) She says, "Wait for me baby in the middle of the night, I'll come to you. I'm alone and I'm living on a mountain world that's made for two. Why couldn't I see, when we met on that first day of Spring I needed you. Now I know, our love was true." ----- (Two Acres and a Song Publishing, BMI, copyright 1976) ----- Download @ CD Baby