"My favorite tracks are 'Uh-Huh', 'Between the Lines' and 'Dream'. Of course that's coming from a purely songwriter's perspective.", on reviewing 'Between The Lines'.

  "Though he is not a household name, Jim Almand damn well should be. He is everything you could ever want in a singer/songwriter. As far as I'm concerned you could stack him up against Bob Dylan any day. He is a rare case of a musician who blows your fucking mind by announcing that his next song is based on 'Barn Burning' by Faulkner, while still seeming like the kind of guy you want to have come over for beers", Alex De Vore, music critic, on reviewing one my live performances for the 'Santa Fe Reporter'

"I am very rarely inspired, and playing these songs with this band (The Attitudes) has truely been an inspiration for me. I really liked Devil or an Angel" (off the 'Letters from the Desert' Cd)  We played a few gigs together. The best rock sax player that ever lived. (fact) 

"One of the finest singer/songwriters I've heard in a long time....excellent lyrics.... story telling of the highest caliber"

  "Best version of 'Tobacco Road' I've ever heard. I want him to to be the opening act for me someday", he's been nice enough to come out, listen, and do the hang at a few of my gigs at 'The Nags Head', in Lyme Regis, England. Pretty damn good pool player too.

" Reminds me of Tim Hardin", " I like 'Without You' & 'Jeffrey'." (off Power of the Spoken Word) Johnnie's one of the original 'Pirates' of the British 'Pirate Radio' music scene of the 1960's, and a great supporter of music in general.

"A great songwriter, I'll do a show with him anytime (we've done a couple together). I especially like 'Let's Go To Town' (off of 'Between The Lines)

"It's a great album that just rolls from the speakers, around the room, and into the night air,....It's very beautiful, and makes you smile...What else could ask of anybody's music?" On reviewing 'Power Of The Spoken Word'.

 "Great vocalist, just wish he would face the audience when he sang."  (Hey, I was on stage with Richie Cole, Brain Lewis, and John Blackburn, and I was feeling blessed to be on the same stage with these cats.)  

"The same singer who can shake down a New Orleans honky tonk song, can also croon like  Johnny Hartman over altered piano chords. Perhaps this versatility is the result of Almand's focus on the particular needs of each song." On reviewing 'Between The Lines'.

"Clean, understated, personal,and heart on the sleeve songs. Jim's vesatility and obvious soul are a beautiful thing.", Rob Ellen, 'The Medicine Show', Lochbroom FM, Western Highlands, Scotland.

"Power of the Spoken Word, I'll keep it forever......one of those rare releases to touch me 100%.....pure, real music", Lord Litter, legendary German radio DJ