Memphis born, the son of a sailor and his singing wife, who taught me that life, is a sea of wonder, danger, hope, and love. 
Bumped around until I found music. YES! 
First studied classical guitar, then started playing music professionally via jazz (singing & guitar), moved to R&B, then to bass guitar and C&W/original/etc. Finally settling into songwriting. Influenced by all the above styles, as well as the the subtle sounds, sights, and taste, 
of northern New Mexico.

The whole time (40+ years) I’ve been writing and bringing my satchel of songs to the various musical bus stops along the way. 

The new group of CD's are compilations of old and new tunes. Rewrit, remixed, and/or rerecorded. Many never heard outside my studio. 
Have played with or opened for a number of internationally known artist. Traveled all over the US and a fair amount of Europe performing. 
Still out there playing,  with the emphasis, as always, being on original music. 
Wanna see what I look like playing live? Check out the videos on my Face Book page. 
Still looking down the road ta see what the journey has in store for this ol' trooperdour. 

To all my fellow travelers, met and yet to meet, thanx for the listen and the support along these miles of time, rhyme, and rhythm. 
Peace and music, JT